The Story So Far….

Well, this journey started in January of 2011.  Our original plan was to buy an RV so that we could travel between colleges visiting our children.  We weren’t in the market for a new vehicle as they are quite expensive, and if you remember the previous sentence, we had kids in college.  So we started looking for a used vehicle.  During my research I discovered that there were many original GMC motorhomes still on the road…and that I wanted one.  I had always thought the Urban Assault Vehicle in the movie STRIPES was one of the coolest looking vehicles on the road and now I had a chance to buy one!

There is a reason why so many of these RVs are still on the road.  They were built well.  From Wikipedia:

The GMC motorhome was produced by the GMC Truck & Coach Division of General Motors for the 1973 through 1978 model years in Pontiac, Michigan, USA. It was the only complete motorhome built by a major auto/truck manufacturer producing what GMC hoped would be their halo vehicle. Part of the reason this vehicle is so different from other motor homes of the era is that it was not conceived as just a “camper,” but as a vehicle for comfortable travel as well. The design was radical for the day with front-wheel drive and a low profile, fully integrated body.

The entire Wikipedia article can be found here:

During my research I discovered that the GMC Motorhome owners work tirelessly to guarantee that as many GMCs stay on the road as possible.  The GMCnet forum was instrumental in helping me make my decision as they answered every question I had about owning a GMC.  Thanks to all of you!  The final piece that convinced me to buy a GMC was the existence of the GMC BlackList.  The Blacklist is a list of owners across the country who have offered their assistance to any GMC owner who may find themselves stranded or in need of assistance nearby.

With that kind of support, what could go wrong?

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